Face Painting
is a very popular activity at any festival, party, or event.  We strive to offer the best quality art using the best FDA approved Makeup  available.  We have high standards for all of our artists, and require them to take classes and workshops to continue their knowledge, and improve their skills.  

Below  are the Artists and their work

Kristy has been with us for 10 plus years.  She is one of the best face painters in our area,  Kristy is in high demand.  Call and book her early to get your event or party on her calendar.  She has her own page on our website with many photos of her work.

                            Shanika King
               "Nika" is a fantastic addition to our face Painting team.        
                           Here are a fews samples of her art work. 

                                  Shanika King II                                     

                                  Joanna Gardner

                                 Jo Gardner II

    Elizabeth Humphrey

"Liz" has worked for us since s
he was 16 years old.  she worked all the way through High School and college,  She is a full time Registerd Nurse, wife and mother of 2 beautiful kids.   Here is some of her work.

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